Summer Street Style Lookbook

School’s out! Summer is here!

Yasssss! It’s summer!! Hello to adventures, beaches and of course the sunshine. Summertime is the best time to go outdoors. To see what’s out there. Meeting new people. Exploring new places.  There are so much things to look forward during summer.

So, just a quick update about my life right now. I am enjoying my summer lately since I have been recently active in some activities of the Davao Bloggers Society. And also participated in some events here in Davao City. I have met and talk to new people which is kinda new to me. I feel so overwhelmed because I rarely do this before since I am only working at our family business.

This summer, pastel colors are currently in trend. That is why I chose this white chiffon top with sky blue and pink fringe details. This top have a summer festival vibe but it in a minimal way which is what I love about it.

Then I matched my festive top with a denim shorts. What I love about summer is that I can wear shorts everyday without other people judging me. I really love wearing shorts. It’s super comfy plus it can make an illusion that I look taller. #ShortGirlProblems haha! Well, let’s accept it. That is why I find some solutions how to make myself look taller.


Another way to make myself look taller, I’m wearing my favourite lavender wedge. Wedge shoes are perfect this summer since you will be walking outdoors. I super love wedges because it is super comfortable. I can even run with these shoes! hahaha.

To finish my whole outfit, I grabbed my oversized denim jacket. I know it’s summer, why would I wear a jacket? Well, it is because my top is quite revealing. I want to tone it down with the jacket. Plus, I feel cold easily like in air-conditioned restaurants and malls. It would be better to be ready than to be shivering the whole day.

(Denim Jacket from BKK, Thrifted Top from BKK, Denim Shorts from Forever21, Sunnies from H&M, Wedge from Zappatto)
Photo by: Miel Laquindanum

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