Birthday Makeover

This is a super late post but better late than never! haha! Actually, my birthday was on October 13. Days before my birthday, I was invited to an event which is the Mindanao Beauty Expo 2016. In this said event, I got the chance to have a make-over. Since my birthday is near, I just treated it as a an advance birthday make-over for myself.

So, I just let the hair stylist do his own thing. He bleached my hair and mixed around 4 hair colors. The color turned out to be some kind of “Ash Blonde”.  I really liked the color since it’s quite unique. Also, it compliments my skin complexion. Actually, the color changes depending on the lighting. Sometimes, it looks like greyish or blonde.  The hair stylist didn’t changed my hairstyle. He just trimmed it about an inch just to remove the split ends.

Of course, I wouldn’t miss to dress up this moment. To highlight the color of my hair, I went for a simple black off-shoulder dress with cute ribbon details in the sleeves. And matched it with my nude pumps. I didn’t add some accessories anymore since I don’t want to divert the attention from my hair.

(Thrifted Dress from BKK, Thrifted Pumps from BKK)
Photo by: Miel Laquindanum
Hair & Make-up: Hairs & Nails Salon

 Even with this simple outfit, I always add a “something cute element”. For example, I bought this dress or maybe blouse for other people because it has these cute ribbon details. I wanted to add a “cute element” since it is my aesthetic, something cute. So even with a simple outfit try adding your own style or touch to elevate your outfit from the rest.

I hope you like this outfit. Till next time sweeties!😘

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