Mindanao Beauty Expo 2016

MBEX 2016 Poster

Last October 10, 2016, days before my birthday, Hairs and Nails Salon were looking for hair models for the Mindanao Beauty Expo 2016. Together with my DBS Family, we volunteered to be their models. At first, I was hesitating. Because my hair is quite damaged already since I bleached it by myself last year. Also they said that we will model it on stage and I do have this stage fright thing. But I thought, well you only live once. That is why I grab this opportunity.

For starters, Mindanao Beauty Expo or MBEX is a gathering of professional hairstylist, beauty brands and beauty aspirants where there are exhibits, seminars and competitions.

Mindanao Beauty Expo 2016 Roxanne Lacap 

Hairs and Nails Salom

A day before the event, we were asked to go to the salon to prep for the show. Look at that nervous face. I was really nervous that time because I was assigned to a hair stylist from Hong Kong and he doesn’t know how to speak english. So it’s so hard to ask what color I am getting. Plus my hair will be bleached again. Oh my poor hair. Sorry your owner really like some changes.

Since I was quite nervous, the Mondes Professional Team talked to me and assured that Mr. Kenny, the hair stylist from Hong Kong is an expert on hair coloring. And he would really choose the color that best suits my skin tone.

So with the use of Semon Professional Hair color, Mr. Kenny mixed the colors and come up with a Ash Blond Color for my hair. I always wanted to achieve this color.

So here is the initial result! The color is not that noticeable at first but they said that it will be lighter after a shower. The team also agreed to make me their model for their hair treatment which they call the CarePlex Hair Treatment which is best to revive dry and damage hair like mine.


Photo by: Brian and Resh Productions

Here comes the day! At first, they treated my hair on stage so that the audience would see the changes. I was quite nervous walking in the stage since it was my first time to experience this. And who would thought that a small girl like me with a height of less than 5 ft, would become a model and walk in a stage. I was feeling elated that day. I know it’s just a small event but all things starts small right? hehe.

Photographer: Klyde Jarabelo

Photo by: Klyde Jarabelo

So here is a closer look for my hair. I really love the color! Plus they also treated my hair! I am so happy that I took up my courage and signed up to this event. There are no regrets at all. I learned that if an opportunity knocks, open it. Opportunity knocks only once. You never know if you’ll get another one.

Roxanne Lacap ending

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