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My Fashion Inspirations (Bloggers Edition)

faveBloggerHeaderPS: I made this photo! So happy with this I got to exercise my vector skills.

I totally love fashion. Thru fashion I can express true self. Though at first, I still don’t know my true self, or until now? Thats is why I have an ongoing list of my fashion inspirations. It keeps on changing. But there are 5 who continues to be my fashion inspirations. All of them are fashion bloggers. They influenced me to make my own blog. I know my blog is still petty. But I always dream to be like them some day.

So here are my fashion inspirations:

1.TRICIA GOSINGTIAN of Tricia Will Go To Places triciaPhoto from Tricia Gosingtian’s Twitter.

Tricia Gosingtian is my first and favorite fashion inspiration. Actually, because of her I made this blog!

A fashion blogger based here in the Philippines who calls her style as “Sophisti-cute”. I totally love her style! Sophisticated and cute all in one. Actually I like the cute side more, but with the sophisticated finish it looks so clean and classy. Her style is like more on a K-fashion. But also loves Japan so much that she visits the country like thrice a year I think?  Lucky her! I only can go to Japan in my dreams. Huhu!

When I was still studying in Manila I always attempt to see her in her events, but sadly I never had a chance to catch her. Hopefully, I can meet her in the future!

2.KAREN YEUNG of iamkarenoiamkarenoPhoto from Karen Yeung’s twitter.

Karen Yeung is my street inspiration. A total opposite of Tricia, Karen focus more on street and rugged style.  A Fashion and a Beauty Youtuber, who is currently based in Los Angeles. She gives various of tutorials mostly for make-ups. Because of her, I was encourage to be interested in make-up. And now, I am such a make-up hoarder already. Huhu!

She describes her style as “BBHOODZ”. My previous blog post is inspired by her. BBHOODZ is more on a street style with a touch of “cuteness” and the 90’s. I so love her since she also loves the 90’s especially the rise of the ANIME! Our love of Sailor Moon is so strong that it also influences us on how we dress up.

chanwon2Photo from Chanwon’s Facebook.

Chanwon Tan is a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger that is based in Kuala Lumpur. A sweet girl who loves travelling. What I like about her is that she doesn’t tries hard to pose in front of the camera. She just show her sweet smiles unlike other bloggers where they pose with a lot of drama. It only shows that you don’t have to be and act to be someone else.

Chanwon’s style is mostly involve Pastel Colors. Like her, I love pastel colors. It totally screams cuteness and sweetness.

4.REESE LANSANGAN of reeselansangan.comReesePhoto from Reese Lansangan’s blog.

Reese Lansangan is a Fashion Blogger, Fashion Designer, Visual Artist and a Singer-Songwriter based in the Philippines. Whew! That was long. What a talented girl I can say. All I ever wanted to be is to be like her! She doesn’t only know these things but she totally excel on all sides! I wish to be like her. However, I have to discourage myself in the last part, since I don’t really poses a good singing voice. Haha!

Her style is more like a Harajuku Girl. Harajuku is a place in Japan which serves as a center of Japanese youth culture and fashion. The Harajuku style  is like bringing fun, bright and creativity in your clothes. It focuses more on accessories. Many accessorize with some cute stuff like a big stuff toys.

I love her style since it is too cute! It totally screams cuteness from head to foot. Harajuku style is a very unique style which not anyone can handle it.

5.KITTIE YIYI of kittieyiyikittiePhoto from Kittie Yiyi’s Facebook.

 Kittie Yiyi is a Fashion Blogger and Designer based in Kuala Lumpur. I want to be like her, to have a online fashion store. Her style is sometimes outrageous especially her make-up but sometimes it looks so classy. I love her flexibility. A total go-to when finding some inspirations. I love how she is not afraid posting wacky faces in her blog. It only shows that she is having so much fun in blogging. Some bloggers poses too seriously and I sometimes find it dull.

Even though she wears outrageous clothes and make-up or just a simple yet classy look, she doesn’t loses the cute side of it which I totally love about her.

Well, here are they, my top 5 fashion inspirations. Don’t ever wonder why I love being so cute at all times. Hihi!

And also I just noticed, almost all of them have pastel-colored hair! That is why I attempted to bleached my hair and turn it into pastel pink. However, I failed on doing it. It only lasted for 2 weeks since the color is not that vivid because I didn’t bleached my hair enough. Will I attempt to color it again? We’ll see. Maybe if I will got money to ask a professional to do it.

So if ever you are still finding your own style, try exploring different style bloggers or vloggers. They are a good source of information for styling. They also do tutorials. Personally, I did this way before and it inspired me to dream more on fashion and blogging.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for my next style post. I know, I update once in a blue moon. But hey I try to update at least once a month. Well, see you soon!

Love, Roxieee♥ 


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  2. Kittie looks Korean! love this post, it’s really eye-opening. x

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