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My pink 2017! 🎀

I started my year with a pink dress. I never thought that this color would be my color of the year. Here is my pink 2017 round-up! 🎀

During the NYE 2017, I wore this rose gold satin dress wishing that my 2017 would be sweet, nice and exciting.  I think somehow it came true. I was so positive that 2017 would be my year of finding new beginnings, new adventures and maybe a new love. Well, I think it’s a quite cliche that you are expecting those things during the new year. You can know more about my 2017 NYE details and outfit in this blog post.

After the NYE, I became more active in blogging. I attended more events, met countless of new friends and visited new places. I even created my own Youtube channel! I am not that good at editing videos, but I always dream about creating lookbook videos. I was really happy that I finally did it! If you sweeties want to check my youtube channel, here is the link.

Next is that I got my hair dyed in the color pink!

The biggest thing that happened to me this 2017. It was really a heart-stopping decision. It is because I really don’t know if I will look good with it and the list of my questions goes on. But I said to my self, “Hell yeah, YOLO!” And it was really a good thing that I gave it a go. I totally love my pink hair! You can watch my vlog about my pink hair. Here is the link.

Moving forward, as I wish my 2017 would it be, which is more OOTD blog posts! Even I was quite busy this year, I still manage to publish a few posts. But mostly you can see it them only on my Instagram. So if you want to see more of my outfits, you can follow me on my Instagram which is @roxannealacap. You can also follow my official hashtag which is #SweetroxieeeOOTD.

Miniso Pink Haul

Then from pink hair, my love for pink goes on. I am now addicted to anything color pink. So most of the things I bought this year was all in the color pink. A great example was my recent haul from Miniso. Check out my blog post to see know what are the pink things I bought there. Here is the link.

This was my greatest pink outfit of the year. I wore this during the Davao Bloggers Society Christmas party. I’m still drafting a different blog post about this outfit. I know its kinda too late but better late than never. December was really the busiest month for us. Like literally, there’s a party every weekend.

So here is my 2017 in squares! You can really see my love for the color pink here. Haha!

Well. thank you for reading this blog post, sweeties! Thank you also for being part of my pink 2017. Let’s make our 2018 more colorful! Happy New Year everyone! 🎉💖


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