My Miniso Pink Haul

Miniso Pink Haul

Hi, sweeties! Miniso just opened their first branch here in Davao. I bought some random things and unintentionally they are all in the shades of pink. I was actually quite surprised about it. And I want to show to you my Miniso Pink Haul.

To be honest, I never grew up liking the color pink. When I was a kid, my favorite color was lavender. Even the walls of my bedroom were painted lavender while my cabinets and my door are in the shades of purple. I find the color pink so girly and ironically I was quite boyish back then. Do you believe that? Yes, I dressed up kinda boyish during my younger years. Especially when there is a time where punk rock and emo music was a thing. I usually grab a black shirt, black chucks, and a super long tattered ends jeans. Yes, it was super long to the point I am like wiping the floor already. I actually don’t want to see my old photos with that outfits. I just can’t look at it anymore. haha!

Until recently, when Pantone declared Rose Quartz and Serenitea Blue as the colors of the year 2016, I started to fall in love with the color Pink. It was the return of Pink. Since Rose Quartz became the color of the year, various kinds of products in the market was released in the shades of pink. The perfect example of it was the iPhone 6s in the Rose Gold color which I also bought it. Yes, you guess that right. And starting from that, whenever I choose a color to buy something, my eyes will automatically go straight to the ones that are color pink. Isn’t it insane, right?

Then comes 2017.

Pantone declared a new color of the year but the color pink never lose its shine. The color pink continues to radiates and attracts more people. Then a new kind of pink was arising, and it was called the “Millenial Pink”. So what shade is this really? Millenial Pink is not actually one color. It is a range of pink shades from beige to salmon peach hybrid. And now, this kind of pink is genderless! Even men can rock this kind of color. And it’s actually everywhere!! That is why my love of color pink is getting any crazier. As a result of my one-sided love for the color pink, I unintentionally purchased various things in the shades of color pink in the newly opened Miniso store.

So, here is my recent Miniso Pink Haul. It was mostly some gadgets since I was getting ready for my birthday getaway that time.

Here is the list of  my purchase:

1. A Barrel Quick Charge Power Bank w/ 10,000 MAH – ₱999.00
2. 2 meters MFI Certified Charging Cable for iPhone – ₱449.00
3. A Washing Face Brush – ₱149.00
4. Earphones – ₱149.00
5. Stylish Small Sling Bag – ₱449.00

My favorite purchase would be the earphones. It was really really cheap! I mean, ₱149? So, I didn’t expect that it would have a good quality and all. But when I tried it during my flight to Manila, I was very satisfied. It can be a perfect replacement for your original earphones of your iPhones if ever it will be lost or wrecked. And you don’t have to worry anymore if it will be lost again.

So do you find my Miniso Haul cute? I am really an official lover of pink now. How about you, sweeties? ♡

📍Miniso: 2nd floor SM Ecoland, Davao City
Instagram: @miniso_ph



  1. Me, as a kid loves pink maybe because of barbie but as I grew up I began to despise it until pastel and soft pinks started emerging or the millenial pink. I always love going to Miniso and tho I rarely buy items from them, I do think they have beautiful minimal design and are of good quality! Love your blog post!


    1. Roxanne Lacap

      So true!! They sell so many cute finds there. Btw, thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate your comments.

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