2017 New Year’s Eve Outfit


Here comes 2017! A new year to look forward to. Another 365 pages to write to in your book called life. New years came with new hope, aspirations and resolutions. Some says new year, new me. But in my case, I don’t want a new me. I just want a improve version of me A.K.A sweetroxieee 2.0. haha!

2016 was really good to me. Its was indeed colorful! I never expected to be like a roller coaster ride. Also, I may have lost someone but in return I met many precious friends which is what I really wished to happened that year. I became a part of a new family, my DBS Fam. They have been the most highlight of my 2016. I learned many things from them not only in terms of blogging but also about life. Thanks to them my 2016 became so memorable. A big shout out to my Davao Bloggers Society Fam! 😘💖

Upon entering the year 2017, I never been so motivated in my life. It is because I now have many goals and aspirations in life. For my goals, my top priority is to enhance┬ámy blogging/writing, photography and social skills. And as far I can observe, I am really improving! Not that a big difference but at least in baby steps. That is why I want to pursue it. Hopefully, I will continue to grow more and not be stuck in one level. *Finger’s crossed*

So aside from my little wrap up about my 2016 and 2017 goals, of course I will never forget to start my year with a great outfit! For my NYE outfit, I had it custom made! Yes, I designed my outfit. Thanks to R.L. Fashion & Lifestyle for making my dress even thou it was quite in a rush.

NYE-outfit-RoxanneLacap-sweetroxieeeSo I picked a Rose Gold Satin for my fabric. Since I thought the year 2016 was where the color Rose Gold boomed and it started from the Iphone 6s. And also it was in a shade of pink that is why I immediately fallen in love with this color.

My dressed is inspired by night gowns. You know the ones that is for sleeping? haha! I just love the comfortable aura that this dress is giving me. The loose fit gives me no problem because my baby fats is not that obvious. I chose this concept for my first outfit it is because I wish that 2017 will be as chill as my dress is. It is simple, chic and cute, which totally screams Roxanne.

To spice up my simple dress, I wore my quirky Tinkerbell inspired pumps. I love the fluffy balls sitting on the top of the shoes. It just add additional cuteness to the whole outfit.




New Year's Eve outfit RoxanneLacap sweetroxieee(RL Fashion and Lifestyle Dress and Choker, So Fab! Pumps)

That’s it sweeties! My very 1st outfit post for this year. I am so excited for more posts like this. So watch out for it because I assure you there are more to come. Weee! Thanks for the support during 2016 and hopefully you will continue to visit my blog this year too. Till next time! 😚


  1. Those Tinkerbell pumps are the cutest pieces of footwear I’ve ever seen!

    1. Roxanne Lacap

      Ikr! I am so inlove with it! Thank you!

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