Denim & Laces

This is what I wore during the opening of Apartment 8’s new branch here in Davao City. Actually at first, I don’t know what to wear. It is because I don’t know if it is a formal event or not. So I ransacked my closet and my clothes are scattered around my room. After many trial and error changes, I decided to wear something casual since the event will be held inside a mall. I don’t want to be too flashy after all it is a day event.
pic-1e(Thrift pearl headband, Thrift dress, Vintage watch, Forever21 necklace, H&M sandals)
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pic-2eI choose this dress since it gives the feeling of being courageous and strong, Thanks to its fabric which is denim. As I mention before on my previous blog post, nobody invited me in this event and I don’t know anyone in the event also I don’t have a friend who is willing to go with me. I felt nervous at first. That is why I want to feel more courageous enough to go to this event since I’m a big fan of this local brand. I also liked the patched horizontal laces because it gives this cute and sweet effect, which best describe my personality.

pic-11eHowever, I kinda regret that I only wore a flat sandals in these event. At first, I was torn either I will wear heels or  flats. And I choose flats because I was thinking of it was inconvenient if I wear heels. I can’t walk around carrying a quite big camera while wearing heels. And I totally forgot that I’m not tall. So in the event, I felt I was a lost kid since I am too short compared to the other guest. But oh well, I didn’t mind anymore. I just smile my way through and be cute as usual. hihi

pic-10_eMy cute leopard watch. I like wearing cute accessories because it makes me smile every time I look at them.

lookbookYou can read a person’s personality or feelings by just looking what they are wearing. However, this is not always applicable. This is only 50% right. So always be careful and don’t always judge a person on what they wear. Know them more. Talk to them. After all, you are not a Psychic not unless you are mutant like Professor X. 😀

Love, Roxieee ❤


  1. V

    Looking good 🙂

  2. Pru Yeo

    Very pretty dress, you look very cute!


  3. your style is very cute! lovelovelove it!

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