Delicate Life

Delicate Life_3(R.L. Fashion and Lifestyle dress, Lacoste bag, City Sneaks shoes)
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I’m back again with my cute outfit for the day! 🙂 Heeey! Its good to be back. I mean it is so good to be alive. Yes? I’m just so happy lately because I am still alive. Want to know why? Well, I just survived a car accident. It just happened so fast and I didn’t expect it to happen. Well, its an accident. How can you expect it to happen. Thank God I was not injured or anything. But the car that I drove was kinda damaged. Its okay, it can be fixed right away. Unlike with my life, it can never returned once it is taken.

Delicate Life_5

Umm, is my face still look okay? haha. Experiencing that kind of accident is kinda scary. I mean, you could lose your life in an instant. Even though, you still have countless plans in your life. It feels like, I am given a second chance with my life. A chance to make the most of it and enjoy life itself.

Delicate Life_4

Delicate Life_7

Since I realized how delicate life is, I wore something with pastel colors which is so soft in the eyes. Pastels are my favorite colors. They are too cute to look at. Actually this dress is pretty old already. I had this way back when I was still in high school. Looks like somebody didn’t grew up. haha!

Delicate Life_2

Delicate Life_1I made that heart bracelet. Isn’t it cute?

Delicate Life_8Can someone hug me? haha.

Amidst of what happened to me recently, I feel so happy. I’ll focus more on the bright side of life.
So take good care of your life. Cherish every single day. Because …. You Only Live Once. 🙂

Love, Roxieee♥ 


    1. Thank you Celyn ! 🙂

  1. Your dress is adorable!

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