Corporate Chic Outfit

Corporate Chic

Work clothes can be boring sometimes. Especially if your office is quite strict with dress codes. But luckily, I work at my own business so I can actually wear anything I want. I can even go with my pj’s. Nah just joking! Of course since I am the owner, I am more pressured to look presentable because anytime I may meet big clients. So I want to show you an corporate chic outfit.

As a petite girl, I hated wearing slacks or pants. It is because obviously I will look shorter plus I am not that quite comfortable wearing one. So I tend to go to my favorite shorts. I really love this black shorts from Forever 21. Black shorts is a must have item. Make sure to have one in your closet.

To add some color to a boring workplace, I wore an emerald green sleeveless top. Emerald green is a strong color. It gives an elegant and majestic feel to your outfit. It is a big plus for me because I may be young as their boss, I should be followed and respected by my employees.

To finish the whole look, I got my gold cat watch I bought from Zalora, a simple gold necklace and my black clutch bag. The whole look is simple but the emerald green top is the key here since it gives an extra impact and makes the whole outfit noticeable and not plain.



Corporate Chic Outfit

Corporate Chic Outfit(D’ Must Have Top, Forever21 Shorts, Something Borrowed Watch, Parisian Heels)

I hope you like this one. Remember, dressing up for work is a must since it can boost your confidence to face your boss or clients. Work should not be boring again if you come in feeling good especially if you are looking pretty and comfortable.
Have fun in dressing up sweeties!♡



  1. I love this outfit! I feel like the simple gold accessories really brings it all together without compromising the simple and chic vibe of the main pieces and those heels are lovely!

    1. Roxanne Lacap


  2. ann

    You are so lucky working on what you love, i would love also to do what i want soon. Love the outfit by the way, you look so pretty.

    1. Roxanne Lacap

      Thanks sweetie!

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