Childhood Memories

When I was looking for a location for my next shoot for my blog, I happen to passed by to a familiar place. It was the triangular park near the building we rented when I was still in grade 1. It feels so nostalgic like everything in my childhood years flashback into my head.

pose1_e(L.O.G.G sweater, Onymous eyeglasses, Forever21 skirt, SM Accessories bag, Nike shoes)
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benchI have experienced so many things in this park, like my scooter was stolen here, I played text and pogs with the other kids in the neighborhood here and also I love to run around here every time it rains. This park is looks kinda different now. Before it was just simple, clean and there was just some benches in the sides. Now, it is painted with bright yellow and blue colors and there is a swing and a seesaw already. However, the sad part here is it was not maintained well. I didn’t see some people resting here and there was no children running and playing around.


pose2_e1Being here in this place, I felt like I am a kid again. (I still look like a kid thou.) To achieve this being a kid again look, the best approach is to go sporty. Sporty look brings a youthful vibe since you can move freely and just run around just like a kid.

pose4_z pose3_z

pose5_eSee what I mean? Just run around like a kid. I feel stupid thou doing these, but I also feel great like I was just releasing some stress and not worry about anything at the moment.

posebg_eI hope the officials of this neighborhood will maintain this place more because like me, there are still kids or even the kid at heart wants to play in this area. And someday, they also share to other people what childhood memories do they have in this place. 😉
Love, Roxie ❤



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