Petite Girl Diaries: How to wear Maxi Dresses

Petite Girl Diaries: How to wear Maxi Dresses

Who says petite girls can’t rock Maxi Dresses? Don’t ever under estimate us petite ladies! We can wear anything! But of course, with a little help of styling.

Yes, obviously I’m a petite girl. To be honest, I’m not really interested anymore to know what my height exactly is. I just assumed that I’m 4’10. Sadly, I’ll never reach at least 5 flat. Well, I just accepted the truth and proceeded with my own life. hehe. Nevertheless, I never felt sad at all. Yes, there are times I wished I was taller. I even wrote a blog post about being petite (You can read it here.) Even my friends don’t want me to be taller. They just want me to be as small as I am right now so that they can treat me as their baby girl. Sounds sweet, isn’t?

Being petite, there are also few outfits you are afraid to try on. On top of that list are Maxi Dresses. We, petite girls tend to think that we would really look even shorter whenever we wear something long and covers our cute legs. Yes, this may be true. But there is always a way to things. right?

Whenever wearing Maxi Dresses, you just to take note of some styling tips:

1.) Find the perfect length – Make sure the length of your Maxi Dress lays on your ankle. Show off your pretty shoes lady!

2.) Find the perfect neckline – Whenever you cover the other part of your body, in this case, your legs, make sure to show the other half, which is your neck. You can choose from tube, spaghetti strap or deep v-necklines.

3.) Find the perfect fabric – Go for simple prints, monochromatic or solid colors. This way, you wouldn’t be outshined or covered by your dress.

4.) Find the perfect shoe – Your go to combination for shoes are the nude and pointed ones. It doesn’t need to be heels.

5.) Find the perfect accessories– Opt for a statement accessory. But don’t over accessorize. Just choose either statement necklaces + simple bracelets or simple necklaces + statement earrings.

Petite Girl Diaries: How to wear Maxi Dresses

Petite Girl Diaries: How to wear Maxi Dresses

Petite Girl Diaries: How to wear Maxi Dresses

 (Thrifted Maxi Dress from BKK, Nude Pumps from BKK)

The Outfit

For my outfit, I chose this black and white vertical stripes maxi dress that I bought from BKK. Honestly, I was really afraid to buy this dress. But it was for only 200 Baht. I mean, it was a great deal already. That is why I got an idea and told myself, “Eyyy why not, let’s work on this dress.” The dress is black with thin white vertical stripes which can create an illusion to make you look taller plus slimmer! Also, I love the spaghetti strap neckline because I can show off my neck. I even tied my hair into a low bun to give more emphasis on my cute neckline.

For my shoes, I chose my handy dandy nude pointy pump heels. I really love this pumps because it can totally be partnered with everything! Make sure to invest on great kind of nude pointed pumps because it will be your saving grace whenever you don’t know what to wear.

While for my accessories, I chose a statement pearl necklace, simple dangling earrings, and a simple watch so that the attention will be more focus on the upper part of my body.

Being petite can be a hassle at times especially when you are choosing your outfits. But don’t worry too much and just have fun on what you’re wearing. The important thing is that you are comfortable and you love what you are wearing. So, did I rock my maxi dress, sweeties?

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