Pretty, Petite & Perfect!

collage2Hey there sweeties!❤ I just read something and really made me feel motivated. I suddenly felt that I should share my little knowledge especially for fashion. Living 23 years in this world being labeled as “small”, “miniature”, “tiny”, “short” and many others. I never felt bad about it actually. Yeah, sometimes I wonder that what if I was stretched a little more for me to gain some height? What will I look? Will I look better with those kind of clothes? Will I become pretty? It is actually normal to think of these questions but the next thing is the crucial part. How will you handle them or What will you do next?

Lucky for others, they have are blessed with so much height. Now, how about us? Let just think it this way. We are prettier than them! This is what I am talking about. It is how you handle things. Don’t be depressed about it. But rather, think or do something that can make your negative into positive trait.

pic-13e flowers for you 4e

The first step in this is Acceptance. When you are starting to accept it, you will slowly love it more. Thus, this will overcome your fear and boost your confidence. And if you have totally accepted it, you will become more free in trying things. In my case, I am not afraid in trying clothes while having so much fun doing it.

However, there are still other of our petite sisters we have out there who are still hiding, afraid and depressed because of their height. That is why I am now thinking that this blog can be serve as my platform to inspire other petite ladies all over the world that being short is not a curse but a blessing. Being small should not stop you from achieving your big dreams!

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So, now I am calling all of my petite sisters out there. Together, let us show them that we can also do it. Despite of being short, let us achieve our biggest dreams and aspirations in life!



  1. Yay! I’m fairly petite myself and loving it (it’s helped me fine-tune my hide-and-seek skills)! So glad to see you’re bring some petite love into the blogging world!

  2. hi rox! the blogger who has been to Thailand. hihi mao jud na akong forever ma-remember pag about sa imo 😀 it’s my first time to visit your blog rox. super cuuute! liwat jud sa tag-iya. hehehe hopefully we could get to know each other more rox aside sa mga events sa community. hehe. God bless!x

    1. roxannelacap

      Thaaaanks jazzie! may konteng adjustments pa sa blog ko kc kakalipat ko lng ng domain.

  3. Loved what you said roxanne!!! Omg i read it and felt inspired. I feel like I always have the need to wear heels pero you are right acceptance is key . Loving your website gurl

    1. Roxanne Lacap

      Thanks Phee Bee! Reading your comment made me so happy!

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