Sweet Like Honey Valentine’s Day Lookbook

Oh, February, the season of love. I may be single and not dating anyone right now but I’m super excited for Valentine’s Day. Can you guess why sweeties? ♡

Actually, it’s my 2nd time to be celebrating Valentine’s Day while I’m not in a relationship. And I really don’t feel sad and lonely at all. Instead, I’m so happy, excited and enthusiastic. Thanks to my family and friends. They always let me feel that I am loved and not alone especially during this occasion which is mostly celebrated by couples only.

This Valentine’s Day, I’m looking forward to my dates with my girl cousins and also my friends from the Davao Bloggers Society. A total Galentine’s Date! I’m really super excited that to the point I have prepared so many outfits and now I’m slightly confused on what to wear already. But I’ve envisioned what peg I’ll go to. I wanted to look cute and the same time sexy also on that special day.

The Outfit:

So I decided to pick up my white floral pattern chiffon top. It has a super low neckline to achieve the sexy look that I want to achieve even though I’m not that sexy though. Haha! Then, a bandeau to tone down the sexiness a bit and it’s in pastel blue to have a cute vibe on it. Next is that I paired it with a light blue denim scalloped skirt. I really like the scalloped hem design because it’s quite unique and got a cute touch. For my shoes, I chose my go-to nude pointed pumps to elongate more my cute legs. I don’t want to look like a kid that’s why I decided to wear heels and boosted my height a little bit.

Here are some photos of my outfit:


The outfit details:

(Thrifted top, Forever 21 bandeau, Thrifted skirt, SM Accessories earrings, Miniso bag, Bangkok heels)
📸: Miel Laquindanum
💄 Julie Alontaga
📍 Lara Mia Cafe and Bistro

You can also check out our lookbook video on DBSTV!


Whatever status you’re in right now, either single or in a relationship, you deserve to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Be it with your special someone, family or friends. It’s because everybody is worthy to love and to be loved. So don’t be pressured or sad just because you don’t have a date on this day. Why not date yourself? Dress-up for yourself. Remember, self-love is the greatest love of them all.

Hope you like my outfit! If you do want more outfit suggestions or you want me to style something, don’t be shy and comment down below. I’ll be glad to make a blog post about it.
Happy Valentine’s, sweeties! ♡

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