Sweet as chocolate!

Tina Nandwani Chocolates

Valentine’s day is coming up! Do you have something in mind for your loved ones already? These cute chocolates from Miss Tina Nandwani are definitely the sweetest gift idea you can give in this month of love.

There are 6 flavors to choose from:

1. Peppermint white chocolate
2. Rose chocolate
3. Milk chocolate with nuts
4. Milk chocolate with coconut filling
5. Dark chocolate with cherry rum
6. Dark chocolate with coconut filling

Since I am a big fan of dark chocolates, my personal favorite flavor would be the Dark Chocolate with Cherry Rum. Aside from that, it is not too sweet, I like the fact that it is a healthier kind of chocolate. Plus the combination of the cherry rum brings out the true taste of the chocolate. Another personal favorite would be the Peppermint White Chocolate. I like the minty aftertaste of the chocolate. If you are into Jasmine Tea, the Rose chocolate is the perfect for you. I super love the smell of the Rose Chocolate. Plus, it’s color pink! While, if you have a sweet tooth, the milk chocolate with the coconut filling.

I really like it being in bite sizes since I can save some for the later. Also, it’s more visually appealing to the eyes. Plus, people are more willing to be adventurous and give new things a try when they only have to commit to a bite or two.

For those who would like to order, here’s the price list:

1. Box of 12 = ₱175 ( plus 15 with nuts)
2.  Box of 8 = ₱110 (plus 10 with nuts)
3.  Box of 5₱75 (plus 5 with nuts)

You can order by contacting Miss Tina in her social media accounts:


Have a sweet Valentines, sweeties! 😘💖🎀

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