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Queen City of the South – Cebu City, Philippines 2015 Part 2


Lantaw Restaurant


 5. Lantaw Native Restaurant

This restaurant is so refreshing since it is located at the peak of Busay hill. The overlooking view of Cebu City is so breathtaking. With the mouth-watering Philippine Cuisine and the sparkling city lights at night, this place would be perfect for your ideal romantic date night.

Yes, I ate a lot. Look at that plate, so messy. Well, who can’t resist digging into classic Filipino dishes.  I also love the glass, it looks like a light bulb.

Cebu City at night

The top view of Cebu City is like a vast galaxy full of stars. So pretty!



6. Churches

Since its holy week when I went to Cebu, We also visited some churches. Cebu is also known as the starting point of Catholic Religion here in the Philippines. It is because of the Spaniards, who brought Catholic Religion, first landed at Mactan, Cebu.

Saw this beautiful art ceiling inside a church. It truly shows how Filipinos are passionate about their religion.

7. La Vie Parisienne

It is my dream to see cherry blossoms in person. However, I still don’t have enough resources to go to either Japan or Korea to see a real one. Then I saw a post by some of my favorite bloggers, Kryz Uy and Camille Co blogging about a place in Cebu that has a nice concept and also have this plastic cherry blossom tree which is kinda real.  So I included it to my list and take note that I will visit this place if I ever go to Cebu. So when we went to Cebu, I insisted my parents drop by there even though they are not interested in it.

Here is a closer look of the plastic cherry blossom tree. The flowers are color Violet at night when it is lighted. Though, I wanted to visit this place during the day because the cherry blossoms are color pink. Teehee!

I also tried their macaroons and it tastes awesome! It was soft and also looks cute with its different colors!

They also have this wine library. OMG, I hope I’ll have one also at my house.

8. Oslob, Cebu

If you are an animal lover, you’ll surely love to swim with some sea creatures. I didn’t mean just any sea creature, but one of the biggest animal. Here at Oslob, Cebu you can swim with some whale sharks! As I mentioned before, I am a scaredy cat. However, I swallowed my cowardliness and jump into the water. And with no regrets, I was happy with my whale shark encounter.

The Whale Shark that we spotted was still small according to the official divers there. Their mother is far from our position. I wonder how big is their mother.

Aguinid Falls

There is another body of water that can be found in Oslob. Aguinid Falls has 4 levels. And every level has a different scenery. Sadly, We only reached level 2. It is because, if we proceed we will get wet since you shall climb a part of the waterfall.

Cebu is truly a beautiful island. Our stay at Cebu was short to explore the island. I love to visit there again and discover new things.

Thank you for reading this post. 🙂 Till my next adventure,

Love, Roxie

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