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Queen City of the South – Cebu City, Philippines 2015 Part 1


Last March 28, 2015, I got a chance to travel to Cebu City, which is the hometown of my dad. I was very excited about this trip because my last visit here was 12 years ago. 
So our here is our Itinerary: Sutukil, Yellow Submarine,  Camotes Island, Temple of Leah, Lantaw, Some Churches, La Vie Parisienne, and Oslob.



1. Sutukil -Mactan

The seafood here in Cebu City is abundant since it is surrounded by many bodies of water. Sutukil is a dining experience that you should try if ever you go here.  Sutukil means Su=Sugba (grill on charcoal), Tu = Tula (stew) and Kil = Kilawin (prepare it raw).

Before starting your big adventure here at Cebu City, you should fill up your energy bar aka your stomachs and Sutukil at Mactan, Cebu is the best place to dig in. It is also near their airport, so there is no excuse that you can’t drop by here first.


I saw some amazing chandeliers made out of shells near the place where we ate. It could be nice to buy some as a memento of your trip. However, it is hard to bring it back to your home since it is so delicate and fragile.


2. Yellow Submarine – Hadsan Cove Beach Resort

Isn’t quite cool to actually experience a real submarine ride? Here in Cebu, You can actually try one. It’s a bit pricey though, it costs ₱1,200 for the ride. The submarine will submerge up to 40 meters below sea level. To be honest, I was a little bit nervous at first since I am really not into thrilling things and adventure. There were many negative what ifs in my head. But I realized, so what, YOLO! I am here to enjoy and discover new things.




In this ride, you can see many small fishes, some corals, and  TEDDY! haha, not really it is just a starfish that looks like a body of a teddy bear of Mr. Bean.


When the submarine started to rise back to the top, there was a bubble show with the Let it go song, the soundtrack of Frozen. Honestly, I enjoyed it even though it was meant for the kids. It somehow had the magical effect, also with the help of the Let it go song. Even when we are moving to our next destination, we are still singing the song which means that we are still not over about the bubble show.




3. Camotes Island

This Island is known for many white sand beaches. Perfect place to visit when it’s summer. To get there, take a 2-hour boat ride from Cebu City. They say sometimes you can also see some dolphins during the boat ride. However, we didn’t see any. I was totally excited for that. 🙁


Mangodlong Rock Resort – Where You can take a dive with the blue sea water and get tan!




If you want some adventure, explore the 2 caves in Camotes Island. One is the Bukilat Cave and the other one is the Timobo Cave. If you ever visit these caves, don’t forget to bring your swimming attire since you can dip into the clear waters inside the cave.


Or why not try cliff diving at Boho Rock Resort. Sorry, but I am really a scaredy-cat type of person that is why I only took some pictures around the place. If I will have enough courage, maybe someday I’ll try cliff diving but I think it was not my destined time yet.


Are you with your honey? Why not have a romantic date at Lake Danao and have a serene experience with your loved ones. You can rent a boat and try exploring the lake. I even spotted 2 fish boats kissing. Uyy!




Or just enjoy the beauty of nature itself like these plants that I just saw while moving to different places in Camotes Island.



4. Temple of Leah

It is a big temple which is still under construction. Before, they let tourist in even it is not yet finished. Unfortunately for us, It is already closed. We don’t know why maybe it is dangerous to enter yet. But still, we get a way by climbing a small hill. And we got to see an over view of the temple. It was so big and amazing. I wonder what it would look like if it is finished already. Quick fact: This temple is built by the owner as a tribute and a symbol of love for his beloved wife. Wow!

Well, this trip is quite long, so I’m gonna cut this and post the 2nd part next time. Look forward to the next post! 🙂

Love, Roxie ❤


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