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My Dream 🌈🌠

I grew up living in a dress shop. Everyday I can hear the roaring noise of the sewing machines. Fabric scraps all over the floor. And also the different colors of threads arranged in a cabinet. This made discover my love and dream for fashion. However, this love is not that easy. A career in fashion is like putting a thread inside the hole of the needle. The chances for you to be successful are very low.

drawHere are some of my designs. I am not that good in drawing so Fashionary is a great tool for beginners like me. It can be used for quick sketches if you have a design just appeared in your mind.


draw2A client requested a customized shorts. So I gave her different designs of shorts. And I drew some simple tops in case she may like one. Actually, it took me some time to sketch this. As I said I am still a beginner even though I finished a crash course in fashion designing.

I may not be a great designer right now but I am currently working on it. I always dream to have my own RTW clothing brand. And hopefully this dream will be true someday. 😊

Love, Roxieee❤



  1. Rooooox, the drawings/designs <3

  2. Go go girl! I know someone who has super talent for fashion designing but does not work for it. Nothing. Just continue on your passion! Passion + hard work = success! Goodluck!

    1. Thank you for the advice Rinneth ! (✿◠‿◠)

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