Mexican Chocolate by CBTL

Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf Mexican Chocolate

Hola sweeties! Any chocolate lovers out there? Well, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have a sweet treat for all of you. Mexican Chocolate Ice Blended and Latte is now available in all CBTL stores nationwide!


You can now taste the fusion of rich, Mexican chocolate and cinnamon spice with that unique texture, which can be enjoyed with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s premium coffee or in its pure goodness, that creates a decadent new drink with just the right kick.

Experience a familiar warmth in the rich goodness of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s Mexican Hot Chocolate.  The small size is for Php 150. The regular cup is for Php 165. While the Large cup is for Php 180. You can enjoy it also with premium espresso as Mexican Chocolate Latte. The small cup is for Php 150. The Regular cup is for Php 165. While the large cup is for Php 180. For a true fiesta of flavors and textures, have it prepared in the way it was first created by the brand—as a Mexican Chocolate Ice Blended® beverage. The regular size is for Php 165 while the large size is for Php 180.


So what are you waiting for? Try it now sweeties!

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