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Trying out Hairfood Co. Products!

Do you dream to have a pastel colored hair like mine? Yes? However, having one is not that easy. Dry, dull and falling hair are the top 3 problems you’ll encounter whenever you bleach and dye your hair. Thankfully, I finally found a perfect hair product that is recommended to our unicorn colored dream hair!

Last August 9, Davao Bloggers Society were invited to an Influencer’s Night event by HairFood Co. I was super excited to attend this event because I’m really curious about this brand. I already saw their stalls in the mall but I never got the chance to visit them since I was quite loyal to my regular hair brands. But ever since I got my pink hair, my regular shampoo is not recommended anymore since it can wash away the color immediately. That is why now I am quite open to trying other brands as well. And this event is a great opportunity to know the brand more.

HairFood Co., is a proudly Filipino brand that is dedicated to haircare especially hair growth. They are known for their best quality naturally active ingredients from around the world. Plus they are formulating sulfate-free, phthalates-free and colorants-free haircare products which is what I am looking for!

Here are the products that HairFood Co. introduced to us that night:


They proclaim that this is a “Miracle Oil“. It is because it can soothe your scalp, controls dandruff, helps control acne, moisturizes chapped lips, helps control hair loss, controls oily skin, soothes skin irritations and many more! Having colored hair can really cause dandruff which is why I am so happy to try this product. I just applied it on my scalp every night. I was quite surprised because it’s not greasy and easily absorbed by my scalp and skin.


This is the perfect shampoo for dry and damaged hair.  The answer to my prayers! A shampoo for my poor and dying hair. Not only that this shampoo can reduce the frizz of my hair, it is also sulfate-free, meaning it won’t wash away the color of my hair. This is definitely my new favorite!



The Ever Young Conditioner revives aging hair. It lessens common hair problems such as breakage, dandruff and split ends. I super love the minty effect on the scalp. It feels relaxing. And after using it, I can feel that my hair becomes soft and not hard to brush.

Overall, I love their products! I love the idea that their ingredients are natural and less bad chemicals are being used. I can really feel that my hair became healthier. Plus, their products are colored hair friendly. It is really hard to find hair products that are sulfate-free especially here in Davao. I got one before from but sometimes it is quite a hassle to order one online.

So if you have a colored hair or experiencing same hair problems, why not give HairFood Co. products a try? I’ll bet you will love them, sweetie! ☺💖

Thank you HairFood Co. for the introducing us your products! 😘


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