Go Bananas

*Kring kring kring* Summer is officially out and students are back to their beloved schools here in the Philippines. However, this doesn’t apply to me anymore. And to be honest, I miss going to school. I miss the spontaneous craziness with my classmates, cramming for exams and my precious daily allowances. Yeap, I’m not the model student type. I’m more than the happy-go-lucky type. And my outfit for today is inspired by my life as a student. pic-5eL

(Thrifted shirt, Forever 21 skort, Dockers jacket, Fioni boots, Thrifted bonnet, Unlimited Manila watch)
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pic-11eL      pic-7eLpic-6eLBeing a happy-go-lucky student, I just do whatever I want to do and just have fun. Same with what I did in my outfit. I just grab a funny shirt and pair it with an outrageous bonnet. A denim jacket to create a 90’s vibe since I am a 90’s kid. And yeah, I love everything in the 90’s. The Spice girls, Sailor Moon, pixel games and many too mention. (Hmm, maybe I’ll make another post about my love for the 90’s era.) pic-14eL2 A maroon boots to achieve a “cool” look which every kid wants to be at school, to be the “cool” one.

pic-15eLI love this Peyton Gunmetal watch from Unlimited Manila. It may look manly, but its unisex so its for everyone. I totally love its sleekness. pic-16eLLoving my nails also. All thanks to Tipasi Organic Spa.lookbook2So are you guys ready for school? Who are excited to meet their new classmates? Cherish everything during your student life because you’ll never be a kid again. Do what you really want to do, meaning set your priorities and you’ll never regret anything from your school days. Good Luck! 😉
Love, Roxieee❤


  1. Super cute outfit! Love your top! It reminds me of a velvet underground album cover :3

  2. Go on girl! You totally rocked this OOTD.
    Perfect for school’s first day.
    Ganda mo. 🙂

    April of:
    IG: @aprilnunezzz

    1. Awe, thankie!! ♡
      Still a newbie in blogging and quite shy infront of the camera but I’m having so much fun doing these things . :))

  3. Super cute look, love the banana top. Yay! 🙂

    April of:
    Instagram: @aprilnunezzz

  4. Very cute look, that top is adorable!

    xx- n
    Naomi in Wonderland

    1. Thankie ! ฅ’ω’ฅ

  5. Loving this outfit!! Casual yet stylish ❤️

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