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And my first purchase from Apartment 8, is a romper suit! Actually, there are many stylish clothes that are hanging in their racks. From the classic black & white dresses, pastel colored tops and printed full circle skirts. However, I realized that I totally have a thing for rompers. And I bought this light teal romper because …. it’s too cute ~! 😉😄


pic-1-2e(Apartment 8 romper, Zappatto heels, Bow factory PH hair accessory)
Hype this look on lookbook here.


pic-11eI really love rompers! I don’t know why. Its like wearing a dress but it comes with a shorts. It is perfect to wear one during summer since it is light and loose fitting. Especially here in the Philippines, it tends to be super hot during summer time. Actually, rompers are designed for babies. So do I look one? haha. It is just in the year 2000s, where it became a trend for older girls and women.

shoesLoving my Zappatto lavender chunky platforms! Perfect for petite girl like me. You can walk tall yet so confident that you’ll never trip over.

backThe Back view of my hairstyle. Thanks to my ever supportive employee for this cute braid! 😀pic-21e
However, there is this 1 troublesome problem when you are wearing one-pieces like rompers. It is you’ll have to strip and be naked in order for you to pee. It is really hassle. You will be thinking of avoiding to drink water, coffee or skipping a smoothie for you not to pee every minute. Well, Tiis-ganda girl! This a famous line here in the Philippines that best describe this situation, which means that you should sacrifice in order for you to be beautiful.

So do you love rompers as well as I do? Do you find it hard wearing one? I’d love to hear your comments. 🙂
Love, Roxieee❤


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