Flowers for you

flowers for you 2e(R.L. Fashion and Lifestyle dress, Abby Jocson bag, Zappatto heels)
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A great way to start a new week is by welcoming it with positive thoughts. By being a optimistic person, you must always see the bright side of life. Amidst all of your endless list of problems, there are still good things that are happening. One way to feel positive in life is also showing it in what you are wearing. Your clothes can make or break your day.

flowers for you 5eSo for today’s outfit, I took it to a fresh look by wearing a monochromatic lilac dress. By the way, lilac is my favorite color. I love this dress because the chiffon fabric gives a light feeling.

flowers for you 3eI paired it with a lavender chunky heels and my all time favorite bag. Did you noticed that most of my bags are color black? I love buying color black bags since I can pair it with any outfit.

flowers for you 1e

flowers for you 4eOh, yeah I dyed my hair into ash blonde. Did I achieved the color? I really don’t know but I am still happy with the result. I love the color. And I think the color suits my skin tone. You must always consider your skin tone in deciding what color you want to dye your hair.

flowers for you 6eAlso being goofy can make you and other people happy. I sometimes forgot to upload my wacky photos even thou I promised you to upload every outfit post. So here is my Obligatory wacky pose. 😆😜
I find the flower so cute that I want to eat it! haha.

“Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in every day.” – Anonymous
Remember appreciate small things in life. Here’s to another great week! 🙂

Love, Roxieee♥ 


  1. Roxieee this Lila combi is so beautiful!!!

  2. Cool shoes, Rox :>

    1. Thank you tins! 🙂

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