Denim + White Lace


90’s trends are making a big comeback this year. And when you say the 90’s, denims are  definitely the star of that era. I feel like I am having a major recall to my childhood days whenever I wear denims. Denim + White Lace is a perfect for this major throwback!

Denim is a structured and sturdy fabric that usually can survive for several years. I even still have my denim pants that I own way back I was still in grade school. And surprisingly (or not?), it still fits me right now. It only shows that I didn’t grew that much. huhu!

Contrary to the toughness of denim, I paired it with the smoothness of a dainty white lace. I really like the combination because it’s a balanced formula and nothing is overpowering to each other. The ruggedness of the denim harmonizes with the elegance of a white lace.

So for my Denim + White Lace inspired look,  I wanna show a simple outfit that you can wear whenever you are in a lazy mode to dress up. So, I choose my go-to denim shorts that is almost my signature item since I love to wear shorts for my cute legs. Then I partnered it with a white lace shirt that is light and represent my sweetness. A silver framed big specs for days that I don’t like to wear make up and to hide my under eye circles. And to top the whole look, I wore a denim jacket that I got from my last Bangkok trip.



(Thrifted from Bangkok Jacket, Thrifted Top, Forever21 Shorts, Something Borrowed Watch, Payless Sneakers)
Photo by: Miel Laquindanum

 So there you go! The whole look is simple but with the denim jacket, it brings into whole new level. The jacket is really the main subject and star of the whole look. Hope you like it sweeties! Till next time! 😘

Roxanne Lacap


  1. Fashion repeats itself ^^ so sometimes i don’t give out my old favorite pieces of clothes, hehe anyways i love your casual Ootd, love the pastel look so pretty by the way ^^

    1. Roxanne Lacap

      I totally agree with you. Thank you for dropping by to my blog as well!

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