Davao Bloggers Society Shirt Lookbook

Way back in college, where social media is starting to arise, many bloggers are also beginning to emerge. That time, I really dreamed to become one. I wanted to become a fashion blogger. I just realized that the two things I love the most are rolled into one. The two things I am talking about are Fashion/dressing up and Web design.

Just a quick background about me. My family owns a dress shop. Meaning, I grew up with many fabrics and sewing machines around me. That’s why I am mostly exposed to clothes which totally explains why I love dressing up. Second is that I am an Information Technology graduate. And I really love HTML, PHP, web design and other coding stuff. When I heard about blogging, my eyes turned into hearts! It’s like a voice inside of me is saying, “Aha, this is it! This is what I really want to pursue.”

However, my fear was a big wall and an obstacle that time. I was scared to start and was overthinking of many little things such as my insecurities. My biggest insecurity of all is my height. I was thinking what will other people say like “How come she’s a fashion blogger? She has no height at all. Plus, she is chubby.” Another problem is that I don’t own a decent camera. I don’t even own a phone with a decent camera that time. An iPhone that time was still too expensive for my parents to buy it for me. Another one is that I am not that good at writing. I mean, I love to write, tell stories and all. But to be honest, I can say I am not that good. Let’s just say I just love writing because I can say what I cannot say in person and in real life.

It was in the year 2015 when I started blogging.

I don’t know, I just felt to give it a shot. I created my blog and posted my first ever blog post. After doing it, I felt so happy that I finally did it. Then, it became a habit. The idea of posting a blog in a timely manner makes me so excited and satisfied. To be honest, I keep on checking and looking at it.

Then comes my first event. In fact, there was no direct invite. I just saw my favorite local clothing brand, Apartment Eight posted on their Instagram calling some Davao Bloggers to join their store opening. (You can check my blog post about that event here.) So, I decided to go. In that event, I met some other Davao based fashion bloggers. One of them is Claudine Chua which is a member of the Davao Bloggers Society. She recruited me to join the group. Now, I was again scared. I told her I am too shy to join. Until the general assembly of DBS came. Clau invited me to go.

(Davao Bloggers Society shirt, White Denim skirt, Abby Jocson heart bag, SM Kids Accessories cat earrings, thrifted specs, thrifted pink sneakers)

📸: Miel Laquindanum

So, I said to myself: “YOLO! Let’s do this.” And I went to the venue all by myself.

I was really glad I went to that general assembly. It was really the best decision that I made in my entire lifetime. I became an official member of the Davao Bloggers Society. I met so many great and amazing people who share the same passion as mine. And I really love the support that they give to each other.

Now, all I can say is that I’m a proud member of the Davao Bloggers Society. I’m honored to be wearing this shirt. And I think this is my favorite OOTD so far because of its sentimental value. Do you like this look, sweeties? ♡


  1. Awww… nice story, Rox. Going out of your comfort zone can really change your life. Keep blogging. ☺️

    1. Roxanne Lacap

      Thanks te ri!
      Yes! To more blogposts this 2018! ✨

  2. Love this! More outfit blog posts please!!! <3

    1. Roxanne Lacap

      Yas!! Thanks Miel. ✨

  3. Yay!!! <3 love it… This is like an inspiration to all aspiring bloggers <3

    1. Roxanne Lacap

      Thanks Merida!!

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