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Yes, I’m a 22 year old who is stuck in a 10 year old body. Some say I’m so lucky that I look young and seems I don’t age at all. I’m always mistaken by some cashiers to be a elementary student. Some clients asks for my age and be shocked after I reveal the big truth.  And if I didn’t mentioned my age at first, I bet you didn’t think that I’m that “old” already.


pose3-e(CLN bag, Primadonna heels, Thrifted top, Forever 21 skirt, Bow Factory PH accessory)
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pose4-e  pose2-ebag-e



Though looking so cute and cuddly, being a petite girl is really tough. We experience some unique things that only “our kind” can understand.

Here are some of my list of #shortgirlproblems that I have experienced:

1. Its a different world up there – Every time I talk to people, its like my head automatically tilt upward.
2. Out 0f reach(so far) – The top shelf of the supermarket is like the Eiffel tower.
3. Heels are your best friends  – Thou shall not take them off anymore.
4. Thanks for the kiddie pool – I am too afraid to jump in to the adult’s pool and get drowned. Lucky for the ones who know how to swim.
5.Umbrellas can hurt people – When it rains, walking with your umbrellas are quite dangerous since it may pierce to other people’s eyes or arms.
6. Always the youngest – You will look like the youngest of the family even though you are not.
7.  Is someone in the steering wheel ? – You need to gather some pillows and adjust the driver’s sit in order for you to be able to drive.
8. Angry Face? – If you’re angry, people may think that you are just actually making faces. You still look cute even you are angry.
9. Hanging feet – Your feet will never reach the floor every time you sit on a chair.
10. Never lose your IDs – Your IDs are proof that you are old enough to enter a bar.

These are just a few problems that every petite girl fights everyday. There is an endless list of these. That is why never make fun of your friends that are unfortunate with their height. It is because you never know what they are experiencing. It is okay to joke around but remember too much is not good.

Personally, I hate being short. But I realized being short is what I really am. It is like a my trademark already. To be always be cute and adorable.
And to my fellow petite girls, thou shall not be upset. You can still turn that weakness into your strengths. Remember Acceptance is the key.

So are you a petite girl like me? I’d love to hear your struggles and lets add them in the list. 😄
Love, Roxieee


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    very cute 🙂

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        love to be at your page 😉

  2. Love this outfit! So cute! 🙂 xx

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  3. super cute look girl! love the skirt <3

    check out my latest outfit & share your thoughts? 🙂 thanks!

    1. Thankie ! Sure I’d love to . 🙂

  4. Hey! Your blog is so cool and really inspiring <3

  5. Your blog is so cool and really inspiring. Love it! <3

  6. This outfit is super cute, I love it!

    Nat x

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