Bean Leaf Davao-Torres Branch


Coffee and Milk Tea in one place! Bean Leaf Davao opens their 2nd branch here in Davao City last Thursday, September 15. Located at Torres street, in the new building of Davao Wisdom Academy School. Surely you will “Experience the Difference” when you dine here because all of your favorite food and drinks can be found in here.

Bean Leaf opened its first branch located at Gaisano Mall of Davao last year. And it has been getting great feedbacks. They opened their second branch to bring their yummy food and drinks closer to students and other professionals.

Bean Leaf provides a wide array of flavored milk tea, coffee and other beverages. For their milk tea, they have flavors like their signature BEANLEAF milk tea, Wintermelon, Toffee Butterscotch, Cookies & Cream, and many more. You can add some of your favourite sinkers such as tapioca pearls, coffee jelly, crystal cubes, cream pudding and rock salt & cheese.

While They have their trademark drinks like Nutella Overload, Creamy Cookie Butter, Matcha Green Tea, Blueberry Mocha, Milo and many more.

If something sweet is not your thing, they also offers fruit tea. The flavors for their fruit tea are Lychee, Lemon, Peach, Blueberry, Passion Fruit, Green Apple, Raspberry, Citrus with Malunggay and Mixed Berries. The Citrus with Malunggay is not a common drink but surely it will surprise you with its taste. I recommend to try it!

For frappes they offer flavors like Caramel Macchiato, Vanilla Macchiato, Mocha Hazelnut, Dark Choco Mocha, Espresso Rum, Coffee Java, Coffee Jelly and Raspberry Coffee Dream.

They also have espressos such as Cafe Americano, Cappuccino, Macchiato, BeanLeaf Coffee Latte, Caramel Macchiato, Vanilla Macchiato, Dark Choco Mocha, Mocha Hazelnut and Raspberry Coffee Dream.

drink milktea
Here is their Nutella Overload and Beanleaf Milktea. Sorry the milktea is almost empty. I’m just too excited to try it.

For the Beanleaf Milk Tea it is recommended for those who love both coffee and milk tea. Since, it has 1 shot of espresso. The sweetness of the milk tea and the a little bitterness of the espresso is a lovely combination.

Another, they also provide food such as rice meals, pasta, sandwiches, sausages, cakes and others. We tried the Sausages where you can choose your own sausage, sauce and plus a mashed potato.

Look! We thought the mashed potatoes are ice creams. It kinda looked like a banana split. 😂


redvelvet trikolate
Here are some of their cakes. 😋

menu1 menu2
Here is Bean Leaf’s Menu. Check out their prices. Its not that expensive right?

souvenirOur souvenir from Bean Leaf’s photobooth!

signageBean Leaf Davao – Torres Branch (Location: F. Torres St, Barangay 19-B, Bajada, Davao City)
For their Facebook page, click here.

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