Look, Lookbook!

Recently, I have created an account in I was planning to create one when I was still in college. However, I hesitated back then and was too busy with my student life. So thankfully now, I got the courage to create one. I really love to dress up that is why I wanted to have a lookbook account. I also want to show everybody my personal style.


My first look for look book! Hep hep Hooray! So happy I did this. You can see clearly with that sweet smile in my face. I have been planning for this for years! Many of my friends keep on pushing me to create an account in but I was hesitating and doesn’t have the confidence. Well, better late than never! 🙂


I used my cute phone as a prop to show that I really love technology. It is main reason why I took up Information Technology in College.


I am not that good in posing since I am quite shy in front of a camera when I was a child and I have no personal photographer. I just have a decent camera and grab anyone near me too take a picture of me. It’s quite awkward sometimes but whatevaa I really want this to become my new hobby.


(Forever 21 textured white top, R.L. Fashion and Lifestyle polka dotted stretched denim shorts, Bershka white sandals)

I’m wearing something that compliments the weather. Its quite hot here in Davao City, Philippines. Its already summer here. A white top to avoid absorbing all the heat and pairing it with a cute high-waisted polka dotted peach shorts to elongate my cute legs. I really like this look. It feels fresh and young. Recommended for people who goes out in the streets walking and enjoying the summer heat.

So check out my lookbook account and hype it if you like it too. 🙂

Love, Roxie ❤


  1. I love that shade of lipstick. What brand and colour is it?

    1. Thanks! Its wet n wild’s cherry picking . 🙂

      1. Oh hey! I think I have that shade. =)

  2. Pru Yeo

    Cute outfit, love the white sandals!


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